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Thoughts on the National Day Rally Speech

August 20, 2007

Here are just some assorted thoughts of mine on points raised in the National Day Rally Speech.  They are not always, and often not, political, they are mostly thoughts of my own on the sort of life I want to live now, especially at the stage of my last year in NUS, a formative stage […]

Indoctrination of The Young Doesn’t Get Better

August 15, 2007

North Korean animation is THE BOMB. “Squirrels and Hedgehogs” is like a cuter and even MORE militaristic GI JOE, since the latter’s characters are superheroes, and not ordinary people, which the characters in “Squirrels and Hedgehogs” are, thereby they are removed of the over-the-topness of GI JOE and make the militarism even more palpable, whereas […]

A Salute to Subversives Everywhere

August 12, 2007

For Singapore’s National Day, let us pay tribute to this master of subversive wit from our neighboring country, to which we are organically and yet inseparably joined in culture, history and heritage. Wee Meng Chee, and his anthem, “Negarakuku”. For nations are unforgiving mistresses, few willing to indulge that one can love them, warts and […]