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Idiocracy: No 1984 nor Brave New World, But Likelier

One of the best films in recent years to have been overlooked by nearly everyone, let alone in its native USA, where it was unceremoniously dumped in a handful of theatres and left to disappear on its own and therefore never surfaced over here as well, has been seen by me several times in a row.

For those of you who don’t know what it is about: a modern day average American named Joe Bowers is frozen in a cryogenic experiment along with a prostitute named Rita. They expected their slumber to last but one year, but instead it lasted 500, and when they wake up, society (or at least America) has become unbearably stupid, because smart people are not reproducing enough, and stupid people doing it too often, to the extent that they are the two smartest people in the world…

I have no idea why it was not shown in Singapore, cos its message can’t be timelier to our society with its increasing PSLE scores every year and kids just getting smarter and smarter…yes, folks, we Asians are on the way up, as we always knew we would, and the West is on the way DOWWWWWN. Hey, the movie can even serve as a promo piece for our SDU…what with the whole smart people don’t reproduce enough thing…shouldn’t we be SMART enough to think about it that way?

Actually the movie is so smart it works on another level. In a way, the decline of mankind is not just due to stupid people outbreeding smart people, but also smart people choosing to make their society increasingly stupid. Can we be smart enough to avoid thinking that we’re too smart and instead cultivate wisdom? Hell, I must admit that I’m in some ways already pretty stupid, I can’t even write and format a letter properly these days without Microsoft Word. And forget about starting a fire, making a bow and arrow to shoot animals, and all those valuable skills that our ancestors knew. In the movie, we see that smart people waste all their energies on curing pattern baldness and erectile dysfunction only to die without solving the really BIG problem: people becoming stupider. Nowadays our society is trying to get more creative and to innovate, as the MDA rap has shown, but can this creativity and innovation solve our real problems? Do we even KNOW what our real problems are? Very often the real problems in any society are always the hidden ones, the ones that no one takes care of or bothers to look at. Can we detect those problems before they find us? Can today’s PSLE top scorers really become tomorrow’s elite that we wish them to be? Or will their eventual lives be wasted in some small cubicle in the middle of nowhere?

If we’re smart but not wise, we’d realize too quickly…we would have been an Idiocracy without knowing it, and nothing can be more stupid than that.


One Response to “Idiocracy: No 1984 nor Brave New World, But Likelier”

  1. Bravo. Idiocracy is also an IQ test. If you watch it, and think it is just a stupid movie, you fail the test. There is so much information in this movie, script, background pics, subtle references, etc. and all this is disguised in a cloak of stupidity. This movie is a classic.

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