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Foolish and Dishonorable Specimen of the Day

December 14, 2007

One thing that as the Blogger Samurai in training, that leaves me gasping for air is the seeming ebb of wisdom and honor from the world. Sometimes it is enough to drive me mad. It is for this that I will attempt to start a new category called FOOLISH AND DISHONORABLE SPECIMENS OF THE DAY, […]

David Brooks falls into Alternate Continuum Where Singapore REALLY is China

December 5, 2007

Apparently New York Times columnist David Brooks has in seeking to describe China, ended up describing Singapore. Read it all here. Op-Ed Columnist The Dictatorship of Talent By DAVID BROOKS Shanghai Let’s say you were born in China. You’re an only child. You have two parents and four grandparents doting on you. Sometimes they even […]