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Idiocracy: No 1984 nor Brave New World, But Likelier

November 28, 2007

One of the best films in recent years to have been overlooked by nearly everyone, let alone in its native USA, where it was unceremoniously dumped in a handful of theatres and left to disappear on its own and therefore never surfaced over here as well, has been seen by me several times in a […]

Indoctrination of The Young Doesn’t Get Better

August 15, 2007

North Korean animation is THE BOMB. “Squirrels and Hedgehogs” is like a cuter and even MORE militaristic GI JOE, since the latter’s characters are superheroes, and not ordinary people, which the characters in “Squirrels and Hedgehogs” are, thereby they are removed of the over-the-topness of GI JOE and make the militarism even more palpable, whereas […]

No Place I’d Rather Be: The Most Unoriginal NDP Song Ever?

June 24, 2007

Is it just me or does this year’s NDP song by Kit Chan with music and lyrics by Jimmy Yeh, “There’s No Place I’d Rather Be” seem to plagiarized directly from the classic standard “You Belong To Me”, not to mention the one hit wonder “I’ve Never Been To Me”? This must be the most […]


June 19, 2007

Few Chinese-educated Singaporeans may be aware of this, but one of the heroes you were taught to love in Primary School was in fact, a pirate known as Koxinga. I refer to the Chinese patriot Zheng Chenggong, or “Lord of the Imperial Surname” (Guo Xing Ye, which was where the term Koxinga was derived.) History […]

The Zen of Paris

June 16, 2007

Major news networks wonder why they are covering Paris Hilton as furiously as they are, despite the fact that as they all agree: Paris Hilton has a contribution to humanity whose net worth is about 0.1. I hate to say this, but it strikes me as utterly disingenuous that they have just said the precise […]

Cindy Sheehan: Farewell Brave Amateur

June 9, 2007

The film “300” has won praise from reactionary critics for its “defense” of Western civilization and culture, and some scorn from liberal and progressive critics who consider it a politically neanderthal screed of anti-Middle Eastern propaganda, an opinion seconded by the decision of Iran to ban the film. What the progressive and liberal sides have […]

Words of Wisdom

June 6, 2007

PLAN FOR THE FORTHCOMING US EMBASSY IN IRAQ The complex “will include two office buildings, one of them designed for future use as a school, six apartment buildings, a gym, a pool, a food court and its own power generation and water-treatment plants.” The U.S. embassy is likely to create even greater Iraqi resentment toward […]

“300” Retold for Congressional Democrats that Approved the Troop Surge Without Allowing for a Withdrawal Timetable

June 5, 2007

“300” RETOLD FOR CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS “You can’t get us out of congress! This is Blasphemy! This is Madness!” “THIS IS VOTING!” “All right now, we got the Republicans cornered! On these shields, boys!” “I had wished to serve the voters, but my spine is alas, crooked. I can’t stand up for them.” “Cruel Voters have […]


June 1, 2007

This will possibly be one in a series of many. Don Diego de la Vega: Lesson number one: never attack in anger —From “The Mask of Zorro” In “The Mask of Zorro” Alejandro Murieta is a common bandit who has to assume the mantle of the great swordsman that fought for the people of Spanish […]

If the US Attorney Firings Were A Movie

June 1, 2007

 Blogger Samurai is a big fan of filmes noires, those “dark films” that sprung out of Hollywood’s Golden Age, where you got to smoke like a chimney, drink like a fish, engage in excessively antisocial behavior and that starred actors no one remembers now like Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Richard Widmark and Veronica Lake. Based […]